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about us

Headhunter Caucasus is a group of qualified professionals specialised in building strong teams and attracting top talents from Eastern Europe and Asia. In order to meet our client's needs and develop long-term relationships, we uphold reliability, transparency, diversity and precision as our core values. As an executive search company, we have facilitated many fruitful partnerships with the help of our extensive databases and experienced recruiters. We are dedicated to find talented personalities with diverse backgrounds, full of inspiration and enthusiasm

why HHcaucasus?

valuable experience

Our knowledge of networks, processes and culture in the Caucasus and Eastern European region guarantees long-term partnerships

reliable partner

We are dedicated to provide high-quality staffing solutions and build strong cooperation between our customers


Focused on achieving tangible results for our clients

what do we offer?


We know many qualified candidates who are looking for the new challenges


We are perfect at recruiting employees

competitive salary

Salary is not an expense, but an investment. We approach people who love what they do; however, rewarding them with a competitive salary is of highest importance for us

legal consultations

In-depth analysis of your legal obligations. Our lawyers will do their best to meet any specific needs of your business

right match

After reviewing your profile for the best match of your experience and our customer’s needs, we will contact you to specify more details

huge database

Our extensive database of qualified employees reduces your time spent on searching right candidates

for candidates / freelansers

Send your CV today and we will find appropriate job or a project for your successful career. We do not search for jobs - we are dedicated to find the job you will love!


We discuss your preferred career path and help you to make best career choices for your future development


Your timely feedback of what was right and how, or how it could be better – is crucial for us


We take into consideration your preferred terms of employment, working hours and special needs

for companies

Our recruitment process involves understanding your needs, reviewng the most relevant candidates and carefully select top talents for you


We look for the candidates who enjoy their time at work and fit your company culture

technical skills

In order to find top talents for your company, we thoroughly analyze job descriptions and study our candidate's capabilities as well as their professional background in details

long-term partnerships

By understanding our customers' shared purposes, we facilitate long-term partnerships

reduced stress

We aspire to save your time and relieve you from the stress associated with the recruitment process

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